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GEM Group



Satellite Yahsat A1– Freq: 12.034 – S/R: 27.500– Pol: Vertical – Fec: 2/3

MIFA Music is a source from which our Farsi speaking viewers will be able to watch music videos from artists all around the globe. This channel acts as a platform for artists to promote their careers, and gain greater recognition worldwide. MIFA Music, broadcasts the latest music from artists all around the world, also dedicating nostalgic programs for our viewers, reminiscing the rich music of our history and cultural heritage. MIFA Music is broadcasted on Yahsat satellite in HD and SD

MIFA Music currently holds the fifth position among other TV channels. This channel continues to grow and aims to have a stronghold on the market by gradually attracting new viewers by playing top music videos (both local and international) and also by creating original contents such as music contests, movies related to music, dance and variety competitions. MIFA holds the first place in male viewership in comparisons to our other TV networks with a 10% difference where male viewers outnumber females.

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