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GEM Group

GEM Cast

GEM Cast in partnership with Yahsat and provides professional broadcasting, Satellite multimedia gathering and even primary transport of analogue and digital terrestrial television transmitters. The satellite capacity offers the technological edge to create a new television hotspot over the Middle East. The band satellite capacity is suitable for broadcasting services through three connected high power beams covering an extensive audience.

Our high power bands give great coverage and allows our viewers to use a smaller 60-45cm dish easily pointed to a 52.5 degree to receive our High Definition (HD) channels. The YahLive satellite covers the Middle East and North Africa with high performance Ku band broadcasts, serving you with your favourite HD channels.

Why GEM’s HD Channels?
High Definition (HD) TV gives you a dramatically better picture with crystal clear detail and stunningly realistic sound. The latest satellite technology is the best way to deliver high quality HD video and surround sound to the rapidly growing market of new TV sets that now support HD TV. Film, documentary and drama makers are all adapting to HD so that you can experience their work with the clarity they intended through our channels. GEM Group’s Yahsat frequency is dedicated to delivering high quality HD television programs by simply installing a small satellite dish.
GEM Group’s options of HD and SD channels give our viewers the choice of watching their favorite programs in High Definition or Super Definition quality to suit their budget and preference.


We offer:

• Highest technology

• Most reliable services

• Custom design workflow

• Practical setup

• Smooth operations

• Play out services

• DTH satellite capacity

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