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GEM Group


Direct Advertising


Ad box

Adbox are a few minutes long in which your 40-10 second teaser can be placed at the beginning, middle and end of each one hour program. If you want to familiarize and inform the viewers about your brand, and explain the function of your product or service, then Ad Box is your best option.
With GEM’s massive loyal viewership, your message can be reached to the maximum number of people each time and a much greater return of your advertising cost is guaranteed.



This method is the best solution for branding, reinforcing, reminding and emphasizing your marketing message. Through each five second commercial teaser,which takes place 6 times within the one hour program your customers will be able to recall and recognize your brand, product and message continuously.
With the help of GEM’s short, brief, and influencing sponsorship plans, you will have the greatest and maximum impact on your customers. Our sponsorship boxes are placed in the heart of each program and are very short in duration which helps make this form of advertising very powerful and also avoids permitting viewers to show any reaction other than watching the sponsor message.



In this advertising method, the information that the advertiser wants to provide to its viewers would be presented in the form of text and and limited graphics as subtitles in maximum of 30 seconds only during the series and not during the AD boxes.

Indirect Advertising


Product Placement

It is a unique and most effective way of advertising in which brands gain exposure for their products to be featured in television programs.


Voice placement

Placements can be sound-only, visual-only or a combination of the two. This method often features the characters stating something about the product service or the brand.


Digital Product Placement

Placing contemporary products into existing content creates new opportunities for marketers. Current product placements can be added to existing programs .

Online Advertising


Banner Ads

In this method of advertising Gemonline offers advertising clients the opportunity to display their ads with any one of Gemonline web pages.


Video Commercial

The 5 to 30 sec video commercial provides the opportunity to be seen before after or in the middle of Gemonline contents.



A Slate is a custom branded title card that appears before the advertiser’s video creative in the first pod before the beginning of a show. The advertiser’s brand logo is shown on a 5 to 7 second animated screen with standard «presented by» intro text and GEM provided voice over audio (male or female option available).


Interactive Interstitial

The Interactive Interstitial is a rich-media flash unit that runs with or in place of a video commercial. The interstitial enables greater interaction within the player space.

Commercial Teaser Production

With the help of GEM Production which is one of our most versatile units and at the same time one of largest production groups having access to more than 20 studios,100 voice actors and a production team with 300 professional member, We guarantee to produce the best custom commercial video that meets the need of your advertising campaign.




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